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The Art of Personal Luxury

At MILK, we see beyond the humble shirt. We see the individuality of the person who wears it. The finest European fabrics are at the heart of each of our designs, which are cut by true master tailors. Thread by thread, we create real quality- the kind you can feel in every stitch and seam. 

Classic, simplicity, reinvented 

At MILK, classics are the epitome of luxury. We started our journey with the simple white shirt. But simplicity takes hard work. This is something the world of  “fast and easy” has forgotten. They’ve lost the sophistication of authentic design and spirit of “made to measure.”

We elevate this everyday essential, one cuff at a time. Whether you’re looking for formal or casual, our shirts transcend time and trends to embody and express the individual. As you move through the revolving doors of work and play, you’ll always be dressed for the occasion.

About Our Founder


Sheetal Pritmani is a designer who appreciates simple things done well. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she trained at London College of Fashion before embarking on internships with Stella McCartney and Markus Lupfer. While designing clothes for women, Sheetal found inspiration in an unlikely new direction: men’s luxury shirts. At first glance, a shirt is such a simple proposition. But as she took a closer look, a deep appreciation for this staple came into focus.

Here lay an opportunity to channel all her expertise into an everyday essential. She lay out her own brief – create a shirt of genuine quality that stands the test of time and transcends fast trends.

Sheetal’s pursuit of perfection saw her surround herself with fellow masters of their craft. She envisioned a team that offered incomparable flexibility and attention to detail, a bespoke service that represented the pinnacle of her design philosophy: less, but better.

Her vision for Milk is the spirit of what we pursue, every day. One shirt, one person, one stitch at a time.

A Quest for the Best

Features of an ideal custom made-to-measure men's dress shirt from MILK Shirts

 Our Mills – Feel is Everything

Fabrics are a blank canvas: foundations to build on. This is why we source our fabrics from revered century-old fabric mills including Cotonificio Albini and Canclini amongst others. We exclusively use extra long staple cotton (ELS) from Egypt and the US, characterized by its long and extra fine fibres resulting in durable and high-yarn count fabrics.  From poplin and oxford to twill, linen and wrinkle free options.

100’s two-ply Oxford purple fabric for men's custom made-to-measure dress shirt from MILK Shirts Our Workshop – Craftsmanship from collar to cuff

We care equally about how we craft our shirts and the people who craft them. These are the artisans that bring our products to life and we only work with the best.

Our shirting is sewn in a small factory in Hong Kong. Master tailors run their fingers over every inch of luxury fabric, with an intuition for proportion, fit and construction. Carefully considering the merits of each texture- its feel, its weight and its finish – they marry fabric and cut in their minds before they’ve even lifted the first pin. From materials, to fit, to every style detail, creating the finest level of quality and craftsmanship.

tailor in workshop stitching white custom men's dress shirt


The first step to a more sustainable clothing industry is to promote timeless and durable products. Hence our belief ‘quality above all,’ only working with the very best suppliers using the highest quality cotton available – that is produced in the best way possible. Finding sustainable materials of high quality is challenging but we will do our utmost to secure our materials with the lowest environmental impact.