We are committed to doing what we can to help you get the perfect fit, and we ordinarily do. Sometimes, getting it right the first time isn't possible, and only after trying your shirt on will you want some aspects of the fit to be changed. If for any reason you don't 100% love your first shirt from us, we're more than happy to provide a free adjustment or remake. Our specialty is customer service and we're happy to make this a straightforward stress-free process.

Please refer to our guide below.

Before Requesting an Adjustment

Wash your Shirt to Account for Shrinkage

We often encourage customers to wash or launder their shirt one or two times, as the shrinkage may result in a better fit. We will accept returned shirts so long as they are washed no more than two times or show signs of wear.

Evaluate all aspects of your Shirt

Before you send us your shirt back for an adjustment, please consider the rest of the fit. We want to avoid adjusting one part of the shirt only to discover another issue thereafter.

If You're In Between Sizes, Always Round Up

Looser garments are generally preferred over tighter. If you're unsure or stuck between a size, always round up.

Send us Photos

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our experienced team will guide you on how to perfect your fit, simply email your photos to customercare@milkshirts.com. For all photos, please wear the shirt as you would intend to (i.e. with or without a tie, tucked in or tucked out etc.) Feel free to send us additional photos but please include the three photos described below.

Please send us three (3) photos;

Photo 1

Face the camera, arms at your sides, look directly ahead of you.

Front View of Man Being Fitted by Tailor for Blue Custom Made-to-Measure Shirt

Photo 2

Same as Photo 1, taken from a side-angle.

Side View of Man Being Fitted by Tailor for Blue Custom Made-to-Measure Shirt

Photo 3

Same as Photo 1, taken from the back. 

Back View of Man Being Fitted by Tailor for Blue Custom Made-to-Measure Shirt


How to Request your Adjustment

Step 1: Email Us

Simply email us at customercare@milkshirts.com with your order number. 


Step 2: Mail your Shirt Back to us

After you have sent us an email, send us the shirt back in it's original packaging. Though you are responsible for return shipping costs, we will pick up the tab of delivering your adjusted or re-made shirt. 
To ensure items do not get lost, we strongly encourage you to obtain a courier tracking number.

Please mail your shirt to:

MILK Shirts 

Room 503, 5th Floor, Wing On Plaza

62 Mody Road, TST-East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 6535 3781