If you're a newcomer to the world of MILK Shirts or simply new to ordering your first custom shirt online, you may find the process a bit confusing or intimidating. Here is what we recommend to our clientele.

You want to start now - Create a Custom Size

1. Follow these Instructions to Measure your Body

2. Learn how to Create a Custom Size

You are in Hong Kong - Book an Appointment

If you live in Hong Kong or are dropping by, come to our showroom in Kowloon and our experts will guide you to create the exact fit that you are looking for. You will also have access to new fabrics not yet published on our website. Book an appointment here.

You have a well-fitting shirt - Send us a Shirt

If you already have a shirt that fits you well (or very closely), and you are okay with sending it to us in Hong Kong, we will be happy to measure it on your behalf and return it to you so that we have your accurate measurements on file. Find out how to send us a shirt here.

Our Promise: Perfect Fit Assurance

It's quite simple really. Let us make you a shirt. We assure a perfect fit - every time. We ship it. You put it on. If for any reason it doesn't fit (it ordinarily does), email us and let us know what needs to be changed. We will adjust or remake your first shirt free of charge and update your custom size for easy re-ordering.