Father's Day Gift 2019: Personalized Custom Dress Shirts for the 7 Types of Hong Kong Dads

This 2019, Father’s Day falls on 16 June, which means it’s just around the corner. As always, the occasion is an excellent opportunity to let him know you appreciate everything he’s done for you and find the perfect gift to express your gratitude. What could be better than a crafted shirt custom-made exclusively for him?

With custom tailoring, not only will you be able to make sure that the shirt will fit him perfectly, you can also choose all the little details to ensure it’s a piece that’s extra special—from fabric texture, to collar style, to cuff type and more, you’ll help dad pick out all his shirt’s unique touches to make it just perfect for him.

And, of course, with custom tailoring, you can add a personalised monogram, too, making the shirt a memorable Father’s Day gift for years to come.

A custom dress shirt a gift he can use everyday, but it’s important to get the style right to best suit him and his lifestyle. Here’s some style inspiration for a few classic Hong Kong dads to get you started.


  1. Golfing Dad

We Recommend: Queen 100's Purple Royal Oxford Shirt

While a polo may be suitable on the green, Hong Kong's golf clubs are some of the most prestigious and elegant stomping grounds in the world. After he tees off, make sure Dad looks the part around the club in our ‘Queen’ Royal Oxford shirt in 100s two-ply 100% cotton; paired with beige chinos and suede loafers, it’s the perfect piece in which he can enjoy a drink in style with his golf buddies after a morning on the green.


  1. Fitness Dad

We Recommend: Calilo 100's White Poplin Shirt

Has dad recently been on a bit of a fitness kick? We know what it’s like; when they hit a certain age, they all of a sudden become gym buffs! Good for him. After a rigorous morning workout at the gym, it can be difficult to cool down in the hot Hong Kong summer heat. That’s why we recommend a poplin fabric, which is lighter in weight for a more comfortable feel after a sweat session at the gym. Our ‘Calilo’ shirt is woven from 100 thread-count 100% cotton and looks just as great worn with a sharp suit at the office as it does with casual denim on the weekend, making it an excellent versatile choice for dad.


  1. Adventure Dad

We Recommend: Calilo 100's White Poplin Shirt

Does dad love the great outdoors? We get it, there’s nothing better than hustling HK's best running trails or a stroll along the beach to refresh the mind. Adventure Dads need a more durable style of shirt to withstand the natural elements of the outdoors. That’s why we recommend our ‘Sapporo’ washed denim shirt in 100% cotton. Made with real indigo dye, this denim fabric only gets better the more it’s worn, making it the perfect investment piece for your outdoorsy father. He can wear it buttoned up as he would a classic shirt or even wear it open with a tee layered underneath.


  1. Stay-At-Home Dad

We Recommend: Zeus 80's Light Blue Pinpoint with Contrast Shirt

Is dad retired now and spending his days refining one of his many new hobbies? Or perhaps he’s reluctantly retired and still pottering around aimlessly each day in a suit? Whatever the case may be, our classic ‘Zeus’ Pinpoint Oxford shirt in 80s two-ply 100% cotton could be the answer to his new lifestyle as a retiree. Pinpoint Oxfords are smart enough that they can gradually ease him out of the daily suit look he’s been wearing for the last 40 years and into something slightly more casual. Their durability means they’re also great for hobbyist dads who’ve taken up some inexplicable new interest such as wood whittling or model plane building.


  1. Business Dad

We Recommend: Olay 90s White Herringbone Shirt

If your dad’s the head honcho, hard-talking CEO type that’s not going to slow down anytime soon, we suggest leaning into the passion he has for his job and surprising him with a stylish new work shirt. Woven in Italy, our ‘Olay’ shirt in 100% cotton with a luxurious thread count of 90 is a perennial classic, with a subtle striped herringbone texture to give his everyday suit look a bit of added interest without being too ‘out there’ in terms of style. Designed with a spread collar and single button cuffs, the shirt is a versatile enough that he could wear it with practically all the suits in his arsenal.


  1. Fishing Dad

We Recommend: Tango Blue Chambray Linen Shirt

Fishing is one of those hobbies that dads tend to discover once they reach retirement age. If he’s the type who can’t wait to drive out to the nearest ocean, pond or river and spend hours waiting around for a catch, then our ‘Tango’ shirt in chambray linen is a great pick for him. Linen chambray features an airy, open weave which allows for superior coolness and exceptional comfort while he stands out there in the hot heat of the sun. Part of the charm of linen is also in how it wrinkles, so he doesn’t need to concern himself with wrinkling as he treks between his favourite fishing spots.


  1. Sailing Dad

We Recommend: Strata 120s Blue Multi Check Twill Shirt

Being out on open waters is one of the best feelings in the world, so it’s no wonder that so many dads take up sailing. Whether he’s into yachting with his buddies or sailing smaller dinghies on his own, part of the whole nautical experience is about dressing the part. Being out on the water means you’re exposed to the elements, which is why durable fabrics are preferred, but you’re also doing physically demanding work so your attire needs to be comfortable. That’s why we recommend our ‘Strata’ 100% cotton twill shirt; the 120 thread count means it’s exceptionally smooth, while the extra-long staple yarn delivers unparalleled durability. It also comes in nautical blue, which is a nice bonus.




Whatever dad's favourite activity, MILK Shirts has a dress shirt he will treasure forever. If you're not sure what style he likes, it probably means your dad isn't very particular, so it's your call. Go with your gut. Whatever personalized dress shirt gift you give dad, he's bound to appreciate it.

So, when looking for the perfect father's day gift, remember that the best choice for dad this year is a made-to-measure dress shirt. Not only do we assure a perfect fit, it's completely personalized to the style he likes.

If dad’s a busy man and you can't schedule an appointment at our showroom, or you want the gift to be a surprise - you can always send us a shirt of his so that we can replicate the fit. If you're in a hurry, we also have custom dress shirt Gift Cards that are exquisitely sealed in a fine gift-box for sophisticated presentation. Our gift cards even come with a measuring tape so that you can do all the measurements with him at home if he’s too busy to make the trip to us; just send us all the details and we can take it from there.

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