5 Best Shirts for the 5 Types of Holiday Parties

With holiday season in full-swing, there’s an endless list of parties, cocktails, get togethers and functions to attend to celebrate everything from Christmas to the New Year to Hanukah and more.  With all the invitations coming your way, it can be stressful to figure out what to wear to each occasion, so we’ve rounded up five different shirt types to wear to various holiday events that we hope will help you figure out what to wear to each.

The Holiday Work Party

This is always a tricky one.  There’s always someone who turns up overdressed, inappropriately dressed or dressed up in some gimmicky Santa suit or cheesy Christmas sweater.  If you want to be taken seriously by your boss and fellow colleagues, we recommend keeping things classic yet festive.  You can stick to your usual work look, but throw in some festive colors such as red, green or gold.  Our red ‘Eros’ mini houndstooth shirt in classic Italian poplin is a great way to add a festive twist to your usual work attire; you can even add a green tie or gold pocket square for good measure. 

The Party Plus-One

If you’re attending a party as a plus one, it’s important that you do what you can to make your plus one look good, particularly if it’s to a work event or family gathering.  We always suggest wearing a nice shirt and jacket if you’re someone’s plus one; you just can’t go wrong with this combination.  A white shirt is a great blank canvas on which to then add other elements that express your personal style, such as a quirky tie or a suit in an unexpected fabric or color.  Our ‘Olay’ shirt in a herringbone texture is a fail-proof style with a classic enough look to it that you’re sure to look the part, no matter what the event.

 The Family Reunion

Gatherings with family can often be stressful, but getting dressed for one doesn’t have to be.  A cozy Christmas sweater is a nice way to feel festive and comfortable when celebrating with family.  Layer a comfortable shirt underneath, such as our ‘Sapporo’ washed denim style, which has a slightly more formal neat spread collar, giving it a subtly more formal feel for this special holiday occasion.  Finish off your look with cotton trousers or corduroys and suede leather shoes.

 The Festive Formal

The holiday season is all about giving — and giving back.  That’s why, so often, you might have a charity event to attend with a black tie dress code.  When it comes to black tie, you just can’t go wrong with a classic tuxedo (let’s face it, we all like a good opportunity to break out that tux).  Our ‘Dove’ shirt is a classic tuxedo style with a beautifully textured bib front and a clean concealed placket, crafted in a luxurious poplin cotton.  Go full James Bond in your styling of it by pairing it with a sleek tuxedo, patent shoes and a black satin butterfly bowtie.  You’re guaranteed to impress your date.

The Smart-Casual Cocktail Celebration

Not every holiday party is super fancy in terms of dress code; sometimes, it’s a more casual cocktail gathering with friends.  If that’s the case, but you still want to feel festive in your attire, a casual cotton shirt in a red check is a great compromise.  Our ‘Jordan’ red and blue check shirt is a timeless style that you can wear anytime of year, but the red in it makes it the perfect choice for the holidays.  The tattersall check is a versatile style that can just as easily be worn with a suit for work or with jeans on the weekend, so you’ll get lots of wear out of this piece after the holidays.  Layer it under a Christmas sweater for some holiday cheer or add a sharp blazer on top for a more dressed-up look.


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